What the Climate Change Controversy Is Really About

I’ve discussed this question before over on ThomasNet Green & Clean — see my piece “The Climate Change Controversy — What’s It Really About?

However, I’m meditating on a somewhat different way to articulate it. I should say that I don’t think this controversy is essentially about science. I’m not persuaded by ill-informed or politically motivated assertions, but I don’t use terms like “hoax,” “anti-science,” “pseudo-science,” or “denialism” in connection with the argument.

My current thinking is the following:

The climate change controversy is about a high-stakes struggle between science in the service of eco-socialism and misinformation in the service of free-market fundamentalism.

I’m engaged in an ongoing development of my thinking on this topic and will no doubt circle back to it. But I just wanted to pin down that idea.

ARB — 2 Nov. 2012


One thought on “What the Climate Change Controversy Is Really About

  1. Verena

    I know this post is from 2012 and hopefully your thinking has changed since. There is nothing controversial about climate chnage. We have known about the impact of our industrial production on climate for over 100 years. If we want to avoid the eco-socialism, we have to tackle they way we cause the climate to change now, when we still have time to do it democratically. Agree that the free-market fundamentalists are as dangerous as proponents of socialism or even communism.

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