Integrating Wind and Solar Energy: German Virtual Power Plant Shows How to Do It

German Combined Power PlantOver at ThomasNet Green & Clean today, I’ve written about a groundbreaking pilot project called the Combined Power Plant. See the article, “German Combined Power Plant Demonstrates Real-Time Integration of Renewables.”

What these scientists are doing is using networking technology to integrate 36 separate solar, wind, and biogas installations into one “virtual power plant.” Combining multiple sources like this allows them to balance out the various sources, solving a key problem in the integration of renewables into the electric grid.

AB — 27 June 2011


Innovation in online direct response copywriting

I’ve long been a fan of the “long copy” approach to direct response copywriting and have done a lot of it — mostly for postal direct mail projects, but for some online projects as well.

The idea is that in direct marketing a longer sales letter is usually better than a short one. Long copy gives you more space to sell the product — with the caveat that you actually have to have something useful and compelling to say!

Most of the sales letters I have written were four pages, although I have seen some great letters of 12 pages or even longer.

Today I was especially impressed to see a landing page created for Power4Home, a business started by solar-energy entrepreneur John Russel. The page makes great use of web graphics and incorporates embedded video in a very effective way, I think. See the landing page here:

“Who Else Wants To Create Their Own Electricity And Laugh At Rising Energy Prices While Saving The Environment And Having The Electricity Company Pay You?”

I don’t know anything about the product being advertised — just wanted to comment on the marketing being used. If you’re interested in the topic of do-it-yourself solar power, the blog DIY Solar Homes offers some guidance, as well as reviews of some of the books and information products on the topic, including Power4Home.

AB — 18 June 2009