‘Let’s Let Ties Die,’ by Jeff Bredenberg

My brother, the writer Jeff Bredenberg, kindly gave me permission to publish these lines of verse disparaging the necktie:

Let’s Let Ties Die

By Jeff Bredenberg

I think that I shall never spy

A garment sillier than a tie.

A silky flag to catch the breeze,

A rag to snag my every sneeze,

A sickly cloth of polka dots: mustard drops

and ice cream blots.

And when my dangling finery

Gets tangled in machinery,

I’ll lose my breath for sake of dress

And meet my death by printing press!

If fashions fade the whole year through,

Why, oh why, can’t ties die, too?


— Jeff Bredenberg

This poem was originally written for the book “How to Cheat at Cleaning,” and It is dedicated to the memory of my father, Paul A. Bredenberg, who detested ties.)


3 thoughts on “‘Let’s Let Ties Die,’ by Jeff Bredenberg

  1. Al–thanks for traveling over and commenting, so that I could track you back here and find this poem that someone had mentioned at the service. I think I can speak for all when I say that he was universally beloved.

  2. quriosity

    Just a note to readers: Comments on Quriosity.com are moderated and are not automatically approved. I bring it up because someone has tried to post comments several times here without identifying him- or herself. The comments actually raise some interesting questions about our relationships with people who have died. However, because the comments submitted are negative, I’m disinclined to approve them without knowing whether this is someone who actually knew Jeff.

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