Good concise explanation of Intelligent Design

I find that the discussion around the Intelligent-Design controversy is often clouded by rhetorical spin from one side or the other. I thought this brief note from William Dembski captured the central issue clearly: See “Evolutionary Informatics as Intelligent Design and not as Theistic Evoluation.” See also my previous entry, “Spin and Rhetorical Intimidation.”

AB — 24 August 2009


Video: Anne Sullivan demonstrates how she taught Helen Keller to speak out loud

Here’s a fascinating video, reportedly from a 1930 newsreel, in which Helen Keller’s teacher Anne Sullivan shows how she taught Keller to speak out loud.

In the video, Keller places her hand in such a way that she can feel Sullivan’s larynx with her thumb, lips with her first finger, and nose with her middle finger. This allows her to understand which sounds Sullivan is making and to repeat them and put them together into syllables and words.

The video is short but amazing to watch (linked from YouTube):

AB — 20 August 2009